amantedelcalcio said: Could I have a link to the master list please?

I said:

I don’t have a proper master list because I’m not all that good at tumblr things but I’m pretty sure if you go to

all the imagines should be there!

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Anonymous said: Just to let you know, your blog is amazing like holy shit.

I said:

thank you so much love!

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“Can I have an Austin one where he meets your parents and gets really upset because he realizes how much he misses his mom and you comfort him? Lots of fluff.”

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Hey guys, sorry about the lack of imagines recently, school has been fucking me up lately creating a lack of time to write and quite a lack of creativity too, to be honest, haha. I’ve been writing tonight because procrastination and I’m hoping that I’ll get the imagine completed and edited for tomorrow! Thanks for being rad and sticking around.

b0nesandbruises said: I'mmmmm going to the February 22 date in Toronto aww yisss c:

I said:

yesss dude! it’s so soon now! have the best time

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hello everyone if anybody is going to any dates on the american dream tour at the moment feel free to send me an ask telling me about it bc I would love to hear about it :-)

also if northlane are playing the current dates y’all BETTER be getting there early to watch them

hey guys! these are two new imagine blogs that have been created so make sure you chuck them a follow and send in some requests and all that stuff :) 

Anonymous said: Hey, I have a new imagines blog called Collide with the imagines, could you tell you're followers about it so that they can come check it out and maybe request some things? <3

I said:

sure thing dude! can you just send me an ask with your URL? because I can’t seem to find the blog :)

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hey y’all what’s up I posted an imagine just a few days ago ago so check it out, hopefully you’ll enjoy it :)

in other news I just finished listening to restoring force from start to finish and it BLEW my mind. so insane, I really can’t put my proper feelings into words yet, but you can just tell how much work has been put into it and that makes me really happy. on first listen i’m really digging tracks 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 I guess??? haha definitely impossible to decide on favourites yet

also american dream tour is coming up soon I hope you all have your tickets

"Imagine you and Austin get into a fight over not seeing him much. You run off and get into a car crash. Austin comes to the hospital and soothes you. But, the doctor comes in and says you’re a month pregnant and you might lose the baby… (Sweet, and loving please <3)"

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